Sunday, October 28, 2007

Helloooooo.... Shannon????

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Ivybee says:
Where are you????????!!!!! I wondering where the heck you've been since you disapeared yourself from Myspace, like 2 months ago. heck.. like you gone with the wind.. everything gone, whuuusshhhh.... Vanished!!

Ivybee says:
I love you... you fuvking know that!! I wonder why I never ask your phone number..perhaps you gave me but I never manage to keep in well.. I was a sucker sometime!! Never came cross in my brain that one day you will just disapear.. without a word.
Perhaps I still remembered the day when you talked me out of the blue, remembered Shan-shan?? that plastic lizard?? the one that used give me company on the cam?? Its gone.. long time until I missed its sooo much and realised that my sister has throw it long time..... because Shan-shan's belly exploded with all the shit popping out everywhere...
and ooh.. this song you sent me that I love the most. the whole crotchduster

vybee says:
Hey.. I wish you were here, or I wish I was there.. or at least both of us come online..!! Arrghhh....
Ivybee says:
Man.. where the hell are you?! You think I don't care, you think I don't give a flying duck... Aaargghh.... Where are youuuu now?????

Ivybee says:
Perhaps you still kicking alive, perhaps you having a good life, perhaps you got your butt online and cross to this stupid lines..
Remembered my mobile beeping twice, it's a Bday reminder. So I wish Shannon a happy Bday..

Ivybee says:
Bee.. fucking miss you!!

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