Saturday, November 24, 2007


I've got my butthole done eventually.... it was amazing, Like I can sing " I feel good.. la la la la... I feel good.. la la la la.. so good, so good...!!!

The whole butthole fucking scene was great though, it feel soo good that I recomend to my girlfriends to give it a try, there's no shit spraying, only farting a lots :D but the UTI drama put me in the cold. I was soooo sick that I think I am close to die.

The story was about cock got slipped inside vagina after poking in the butt, I should to know and telling him off straigh away but I don't want so I just stay silent, Wasn't that would totally RUDE telling off someone who been working so hard to make you feel good in the butt, I wonder, what kind of manner I really got after all?!!

It just few days later after that butthole scene, I got very sick for the rest 2 weeks, I was experience Urinary Track Infection !! I was soo shy that I didn't tell to my doctor how heck I've playing my kitty..err I mean butthole, so He didn't ask me how and why, not even dare to peeling my panty off, to see what's going on down there..

Remembered 2 years ago, it was middle of night and was the same doctor on duty, I've got the similiar problem, I was expect feeling better but the bugs won't go away until then I called to the clinic and I've filled a complaining against him, questioning why he didn't give a damn care look at my kitty cat.
But I think he just too SHY!! so every then and now I only will checking with my female gyneology frequently but I was out of luck that night.. she wasn't around.... Up to today I am about call her up about what her point of view regarding butthole fucking..

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