Saturday, September 01, 2012


It's not easy for my 3years old stubborn buffalo girl say thank you in Cantonese, it's not that she can't but if she doesn't feel right to say so there's nothing I and you can makes her say the two word. She rather refuse to takes the gift/ presents if she feels that she have to putting up " the monkey saying thank you show............. " 
That kind of stubborn often drove me nuts @.@

But she has no problem communicate or interact with those English speaking folks, It's only if people trying to make her saying thank you in Cantonese after the gift/present that often end up she shrug and returning the gift and wont take them back... that kind of scary attitude that scared the heck out of me.. I walk like " God blessed me" I can see my future in her teenager drama years.. huuf!!!
But yesterday was different story, It was 3rd day since kindergarten starts and it's like history going to change itself.
It was me, Ally's aunt and Ally's bukbuk, three of us was lining up outside of her classroiom waiting the teacher release those buffalo kids after 45mins tutorial class then I saw my Ally line up patiently at the first row waiting for her teacher while other kids can't be bother and trying to run out of the door with tears and laughs. 
I was like " That's my girl.. I made her wait a lot at home, we call it 排隊!!! no pushing in line even for pee time.. she need to wait until mama finish using the toilet. We 排隊 for almost everything... patiently waiting for our turns no grumpy.

And then it was Ally's turn. Teacher took her hand and leading her out of the classroom and before she realized she is holding a little present, she looked at her teacher in surprise then the teacher told her to thank to her in Cantonese " And within second she said  多謝,老師!!! 
I gasp and was like ....... ooooh boy, you wouldn't understand how much this meant to me. She had been known a tough iron buffalo girl and she seems not so tough iron cookie anymore...
And salute to the teachers.  . . ^_^


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