Thursday, October 21, 2004

One Day

8:30a.m~ get up la!~ turn on cd player!the best of celine dion !mem.. power of love is fit for my mood!~ jump to bath room, #apply versus bath essence that make my skin more smoothed and smell nice..! shampoo my hair..ehm..#selsun blue i choice..felt itch head r i mean!#brushed my lovely teeth with amount of colloge whitening tooth paste n rinse again with listerine mouth wash..the fresh green!!XXX..i always sound chossy !! uh huh ^V^whatever la..I kept few bath stuff,massage oil, bath salt,bath oil,shower bath room too much STUFF there!!!~slept not good just tried make up my mind!!

10:00a.m ~im forgot my red wine this morning..puifh,,!is bad~since last night went to japanese restaurant n i just have 1 bottle SAKE n there's FREE from SMARTONE..augh..!! i finish its..n just felt xyz@#*.^..n this morning i have ginseng tea for breakfast drink n 1pc whole bread..NICE!!
~there's alwasy busy on sunday morning until afternoon..!! I HATE SUNDAY!!..if i must on duty
~uh huh!!,,there's also jerk person i always meet on sunday..!! they're dont know how to respect and behave themself..not at all just few!..B.T dech!~finish.OMG!!.gimme break..ZZzzz

" after enjoy message and reached home and SHIT...forgot my key!! F88k my head felt itch now!!..looking for homeowner and thx GOD he has the duplicate!! TIDY UP MY ROOM!! uah..many stuff there that i think will throw asap,winter season coming now!! i wish throw someold stuff and get the new..LOL..hehhehhe excuse to spend more money!! shopping GO!,GO! my wallet must be bleeding...on coming salary date!

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