Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm looking for a single..GEMINIAN plz.....

dear dude,Im told that Im extreme na!,be honest I really dont want leaving you..so I beg you pls let me back and typing these shit here!!
here some idea what Im on about..I just got from that Bitch,she talk about what will happen with the geminian { for the single ones uh}
here the shit as below:
You're talking off the top of your head (or is it out of some other body part?), but someone else may be taking you quite seriously. Engage your whole big, beautiful intellect for best romantic results.
oke Bitch, I'll think it once it happen may be take your idea as well na! but dont gimme a shit anyways! and my dear dude..Im so sorry been unfaith to you and now Im back to you,,dont kick me out na!,,

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