Tuesday, March 22, 2005


1. know anything about a car except its colour! ivy: he mean ivy@bee!
2. understand a film plot! ivy:??
3. go 24 hours without sending a text message.ivy:opps!
4. lift! ivy: oke! that's man standing for,isn't?
5. throw..! ivy:throw what?
6. run,! ivy: mean run well?
7. park! ivy:>< coz i dont drive so.. 8. fart!.ivy:eehehhehheee yup agreed booo.
9. read a map! ivy: uhm.er,well,uuhhmm
10. rob a bank!ivy: ggrrrreerr..so man can do it meeeh?
11. resist Ikea ivy: yup agreed booo:)p !oke then gimme help!
12. sit still! ivy.de de da da dee..coz im geminian brrerr!
13. tell a joke..ivy" huhueeueueee.. im laugh a loud
14. play pool!ivy:no interesting i guess!
15. pay for dinner!ivy: coz i running out of money!
16. eat a kebab whilst walking! ivy:,,, how bout hamburger?
17. pee out of a train window! ivy: wow..interesting eh?
18. argue without shouting! ivy: oh yeah..##@ 12ab#!!
19. get told off without crying.! ivy: it's not fault,im not freak control!
20. understand fruit machines! ivy: eerrrr..???
21. walk past a shoe shop! ivy: well,no cpmment!
22. make a decent bacon sandwich! ivy: i hated sandwich!
23. not comment on a strangers clothes! ivy: just comment!no mean anything!
24. use small amounts of toilet paper!!ivy: aha..that's my company always tell the gals off!
25. let you sleep with a hangover!! ivy: we need attention man!
26. drink a pint gracefully!! ivy: oke,let's try!
27. get a round in..ivy:00
28. throw a punch! ivy: wanna try eh?
29. do magic!! ivy: Oh indonesian magic?
30. like your friends! ivy: like da dog friends?
31. enjoy porn!! ivy: mmmmm...
32. eat a really hot curry!! ivy: !!
33. get to the point!! ivy: coz too much buttons in my head!
34. buy plain envelopes!! ivy: hahahaaa..
35. take less than 20 minutes in the toilet!! ivy: love toilet bowl!
36. sit in a room for five minutes without saying "I'm cold"! ivy: hug me na!
37. go shopping without telephoning 20 mates! ivy: sorry then!
38. avoid credit card debt!! ivy:............
39. dive into a pool! ivy: coz..the fat,i guees
40. assemble furniture!! ivy: i can't help myself!
41. roll a bogey between finger and thumb!! ivy:.....
42. set a video recorder!! ivy: i can do it!
43. not try and change you!! ivy: dont even ur father!rite?
44. watch a war film!! ivy: i did!
45. understand why flirting results in violence!! ivy: dat's wanted !
46. spend a day by themselves!! ivy: what a retarded?
47. go to the toilet by themselves!! ivy:,,
48. buy a purse that fits in their pocket!! ivy:!
49. choose a video quickly!! ivy: coz im choosy woman!
50. get this far without having argued with at least 1 of the above!ivy: oke!then?
what you gals thinking above opinion and do any guys ain't agreed above opinion? i got from the Xman


Anonymous said...

Hi bee, somethings right and somethings wrong,I can only say
nothing SURE. When the front looks good, the back looks bad, all the glitters is not good. all these just for reference and fun.
Leo with a sausege dog.

@bee said...

aiii yaaa...no idea na!anyways!