Monday, March 21, 2005

The Gals Freak Out Day

yooi,,dude,I was f**king busy and trouble yesterday!I'd shipped the gals to the Lantau Island drop off in Mui Wo and drove to Pui O and finally kick them off in the beach"Pui O beach"
gals are shout out"we wana yeeha!we gonna yozha!,coz the place was cozy..yes,it is!we'd took some photo,then the gals running on the beach with the dogs and i walking with da dog,gals teasing the dogs and I also teasing da dog,we had BBQ,we had drink,gals had their "crysanthemun tea"and I had my Vodka+crysanthemun tea and the taste no bad..I just sat down and had my strange cocktail and the gals was spin around the beach,thanks god they're didn't sprain their angkle! recall to what I done last angkle was swollen coz I'd sprain them..uh! yesterday i just sit down and walk carefully..don't want hurt myself..therefore I was drunk coz sit along the day with my plastic cup with pour full of vodka..however I'd clim on the tree..Im professional climber..nothing happen to me..I didn't fall down on the ground even though I was drunk..coz Im climb with my professional manner..but the vodka shit to me when I get on the ferry,wanna vomit during the route back to home so i just let the vomit bag glue on my face..eewwhh! lost my lavender lip balm and 1 baked potato on the home way..and finally Im throw the food that ate just when i reached home..i just run to toilet without have time to slam the main door off..eequueehh,,and ..eeuuqqhh..grrrr!..shit,damn!look at face just look like ghost..coz the mascarra was melt...coz the tear melt the mascarra..a female my toilet damn,damn,damn dee da dee da duum...damn..woke up in the midle of nite for an head gonna explode..i wish bump my head in to wall..damn..dee da dee da dee da dum..damn!check out the picture My Picture

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