Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Lesson of button-button

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..hello dude, got above image from the Xman,he's talking his opinon about the creature name"FEMALE"..he give in his analysis and there's just one part of his opinion about us the human female..according the Xman there also another experiment of another female...the result could be finish body knows yet..he tried to explaining through above just a image the button-button..the man just have one button on their body part..that if we only need push,press,pinch or even pull that button..and woman have too many many button..and absulotelly those button almost confused the man how to treat those button as well as theirs and which one is the main button..even though some of the woman also dont understand what the hers use for..therefore many of them don't even realize where and how to manage the their button the way there's a solution for you ..just be brave! its won't explode...your button or's just a button..and treat them as well as a button should treat to kidding..otherwise your button..what you think about rusty..?eewwwhh...don't let your body part become rusty..babe!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear, I'm Victor(instead of Moyon).It is a very good explaination between the difference of men and women,do u know chinese call that want to understand the thinking of women like look for a needle in the bottom of the ocean. I think so, but not much difficulties to me. u will know that when one day u find.
Dear,hv a good starting on this week.

@bee said...

aha..Victor,,gotcha and perhaps Mr.Xman fact I found out some of them but I think still need some help..too much button here!