Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I wanna hang out tonite!

Dear Dude,I spent my working hours..eehmm..8 hours in Immigration for an stupid interview..i'd stand by there on 10 am! it was 1pm I been asked to leave and back on 3pm..f**k!again! so i just heading back to office and tried to done some task that's been idle since morning..damn! just wasted my time been waiting in that damn tower,Immigration tower.! however it's better than if I haven't been asked to leave and kept waiting until 6pm..and it's good to stay in office have my lunch and catch up friends for chatt a while through msn! today seem more luck to me! had talk to Jim a while,he was shaking in philipine and vieatnam later! eh!that's why haven't smell his odour in ages..hihihiiiii..aha..what DC look like now? silly question lor..hahahahaaa!it's good to know that Jim still alive!hihihiihiii,kidding boo,,don't be angry!and he haven't try out "Balut" the duckie egg..c'mon Jim,try it out later! really not too bad..but don't eat the might wanna bring up at once!oke Jim Story was the story end up to Poky the slovakia baby!he back to his country and said his parents was suck! hehheee!oh shit!bcoz..his parents not appreciate him to travel around this world..this handsome baby been f**k around in US,egypt,india,thailand,malaysia,Hong Kong, and etc,,xxxxx country..he owe me dinner n lunch n drink...uh-uh no worries he said will back in HK to pay me! hahahhaaa...and the another guy who take flight to san fransissco!missing you're guys!see you're in Hong Kong again me a dinner,so I'll buy a drink!and there wednesday nite
is any gals wanna going out for some drink leii..bcoz it's should be ladies nite around..

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