Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Blues Babe part #2

dear dude,feeling good today,my mood was better than yesterday...cause my mind was clear than yesterday..though because I had good slept last nite and it's suply enough air to my brain and fresh up my mind as well as my skin..it's look more fresh than before..back to office!much of task today and have to finish it all before the sunset...uh..my colleague was a shit today, she left her shit on my desk and let myself to clear it for her and she has not felt quilty at all..damn it! she also has not done my favour that i ask her the day before my holiday and today she's about her holiday .well,she's really ass hole!!therefore Im working like a dog today,been in and out in immigration, been spinning and twisted in embassy damn it..anyways it's good to keep my brain thinking about job..otherwise my brain will stuck on other shit..uh!by the way there's the last.idea to tell you about it's no next time...

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