Monday, March 14, 2005

The Blues Babe

ahhh...My dear Dude,You're the one who always listen to me...You were the good listener I ever had, cause you never tell be back, never show the unagreeable, never tried to tell me off cause something stupid I never laugh me over, you never tell others gossip, you never call me off! you're my wanna tell you my feeling...perhaps you willing sit down and listening I choice the Blues..wanna telling you about my was so blue..a long the day I just heard Ray Charles was singing through the player..sing my favorite song.."you don't know me..had nape this afternoon,,let me see..from 2pm until 7pm now.."look at the lovely eyes was swollen..too much sleep..or too much is my holiday..supposed not blue,supposed felt green,pink,yellow,orange..whatever colour..supposed listen to rock,rap,hip hop or even pop but not is My Blues Day..

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