Sunday, March 13, 2005

The big O!

Dear Dude, just drop by said thanks during my years as a gwrown human...a female human..the 1st guy I wanna to thanks is Steve Dad,for 9 years I was in his teaching..the lesson that I learn are how to deal,being a difficult dealer I am..and been tough enough to survive HK,thanks Mr.Lee! your lesson I never forget,the 2nd is the who belong to his wife,his daugthers,his family! a family man..listen to Rod Steward,The carpenter,Bee Gees very often since the date you gift me those music as my monthly present..thanks!wanna thanks to Mr.**fee I love Stella since the 1st sup I had that day..I can't believe it cause I hated all kind of beer before but not now..Stella is my favorite beer..!also thanks to the nigga..listen to hip hop,rap,R&B,im about nut and really into black anything about black was imppress me much!but the nut manner was over now...afterwards my interesting about on idea about that games before and now I could enjoy that sport with an glass of Stella and have my favorite group wanna thanks to im interesting to Ray Charles,BB King,John lee Hocker and Johnny Lang,my music attitude changed to all about Blues..I don't know how long I can keep my attention
I know it would not too long time..however all depent much the impressive cause Im a impressionable person..

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