Sunday, March 13, 2005

Im been up and down!

Dear Dude, my days was going like Samatha Mumba..the song..I always come back to your love!I been up and down,been PK when running on the Pui O beach,sprain my angkle,damn!F**king painfull,f**k the sand,f**k the beach,!!however it's good to know that I didn't cried,though nearly to cry out dog used to teasing me and laughing!!what the good dog eh? he said it's my karma cause I was pull off the straw of clam which is used breathe for..hiks hiks..I don't know if I sent its to calm heaven ! really sorry for the clam! I was a murderess and my angkle got the karma cause I used that body part to pull off the straw,,,hiks,,hiks! in the midnite can't slept well cause my lovely angkle was swollen and I have to seek Chinese Dr.for massage my feet and apply some Chinese herb and F**king painfull and the herb was F**king hot and stinky..eeewhh!f**k me want throw up every time i took breathe!! Pui O really nice beach..even though it's dangerous place..not easy to standing have to tough enough! just like what Im done and least PK on the beach,sprain your angkle or elbow..whatever..
you need to feel pain before you can enjoy the beach...hurray!

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