Wednesday, March 09, 2005

missing me eh?

Yee ha, Dude!had messy morning again,i was overslept again,been late to work again,bcoz lack of
profesional manner,bcoz i always ignored my alarm,bcoz I am a night owl,bcoz..bcoz..i only have 2 alarm, it's doesn't work to wake me up!my 1st alarm will ring out on 8:10am and keep ring each 10 minute and the 2nd will ring out as warning on 9:00am if I don't get off from the bed I will in difficult situation to face up my boss..bcoz late too much!8:50am Im jerk off from bed..jump in to bathroom..and finished my morning treatment 20 minute's my planning any how it's take me more than 30 minute to get ready and been late 20 minute arrived in office..and f**k! my boss not yet reach in her room! hihiiii..shock me na! anyways have to thanks to God!god bless me today!been busy again..afterwards !Im gonna have my early weekend la..if you miss me and feel urge to meet me just catch me up in lantau Island na..I'll be twist n spin around Pui O n Mui Wo..again!I'll take meditation day in temple,there's also vegetarian food..and I bet it will taste soo...yummy! may be swimming in Pui O beach if the weather not too bad..though HK weather was good was sunshine and quite warm..aha..!! perhaps my dog willing take me some picture..ivy with bikini on..aha..should be nice picture,,eh!happy holiday!

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