Tuesday, March 08, 2005

long hair guy on a black leather jacket in the tram

Dear Dude,I had my lunch with my boss and colleagues and the staffs of indonesia embassy in regal hotel..the place was great and the foods was yummy..uumm..my boss was in great mood today,I bet everyone there was in good mood and good appetite..the luch was awesome..ok! ding finished!
after lunch,fly run to wan chai immigration,somebody got trouble there..but no serious afterwards
I used to climb on the"deng deng"or tram and that transportation crawl me to the immigration tower in wan chai..I hated MTR,KCR and the like but I love "deng deng"as well..today when im on my way in the tram..my eyes catch up to a creature is a male human,he's on his black leather jacket with his black long hair tied up,he look like something "sophisticate"in case I won't take any memories no even attention for him..until I met him again in the tram just on my way heading back to office ..i saw his black leather jacket again and his black long straight hair and it's still dapper anyways..I just mumble no sense..aha..may be god arrange me and other passengers meet up together in the tram with this long hair guy!!!..kekkekeeeeee!but his face..the skin on that part really unwell..it was scraggly,ragged..whatever..perhaps he have good hearted..amien!

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