Thursday, April 28, 2005

a Ladyboy with a super dick

yo..I've been talk to a shit name Sam..Sam is a Indian mixed Egypt..I haven't meet him yet, never! really no interesting to meet a sick creature..he's about his stranger behaviour since I ignored him and told him Im in love with a western!!since that day, he tried to teasing me with his big dick..hahahhaa..he told me that he have a very.. very...big dick and he could fuck 5 times during the nite time until dawn coming...hahhahah OMG!! I though you have a problem with your big dick,uuhhmm...seemed like you can't control your big dick well ..hahhaha you have a premature ejaculation man! I told him go to hell as soon as possible, told him that he not allowed life in this world however he can trying to get a doctor...OMG, oh he still told that just fucked 3 chinese gals last nite, Oh ladyboy, how come you told the lie !! though you dont even know to use your dick as well..ahahhahaa....though you don't even know what the pussy look just a fucking winker so I just suggest he smelled his own big dick..ahahhaa..explain him no one willing suck and lick that big dick so i advise that he can do it by himself..hahahha Im so sorry Im gonna insulting you whenever you speak out..I just want you FUCKING OFF from my way..this is what I wanted..pls fuck off..dont show me your deadwood really sick!!Im really wanna throw your ass hole...hahhahhahaaa

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