Saturday, April 16, 2005

she is a stubborn,codger aquarius gurl

what the mess here.. Im called my sister up last nite..just want to ask something about my playstaion stuffs {she help me to kept it} though it's not the rite time coz she's on the fire with her hubby { they on fighting } she pick up the phone and said "what you want?"hey I ain't talk to you rite now, Im gonna call you back tomorrow and Im bad mood!" it wasn't rude but it's kinda kicked my anger management again..I just replied ' no thank you, you better don't find me again ok? the convesation stop and it only take less than 2 min! Im about on my upset and crying and she's about her angry to her hubby, what the hell,Im done? how come I know that they not able to dealing?I used talk shit with da dog before sleep and last nite topic ain't a shit! it's about my feeling for my beloved sister..I told him that we just shouted each other, that i was deleted her number from my mobile phone, that my sister always ignored when i ask to meet up and now im just give her cool behaviour, ain't show affection, ain't care about her fact we love each other..never fighting since ask her number so he gonna call her for some explaination if I dont want amend the missu/stood..I rejected to pass the number also rejected clarify to sister but uncle dog has said in order I have to talk to my sister don't screw up our feeling..Im promise eventulay.. i used to follow his order...gonna find that stubborn aquarius girl later..after lunch!!

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