Saturday, April 16, 2005

she's my beloved

ops..sister just called me up, I was away and missed her call I just reliase when i tried to return the missed call and she said the number is hers..oh shit!! i dont even recognize her voice..she asking about the playstation stuff..does she bring to my house or Im the one pick it up in her work place but she don't know what time will be finished and blaa..bla...she talk about the trafic, the transportation cost,wasting her time, the tiredness and she will missed the TV show "what does that mean? I ask her!"please don't pretending anything if you not really willing..and I told her what I had last nite after the conversation..I told her that im felt giving up with her, those behaviour pissed me off and she recall her mind there's a changed alots about my attitude..there's not same like before, there's a different!! she said I don't care about her any more affection..i just wanna you know my dear're on 2nd priority after my son who is the number 1st! I did spoiled my dates mood when you said wanna meet me up..I did kicked my friends out when you said you don't like hang out with them..I used get you from work for dinner on 7pm and waiting until 11pm then we gone for supper..I ain't complaint any but Im really giving up when you used to complaint when missed the TV show because the dinner or have to waiting me in minute coz Im not able to finished my work when you came's all the pressure babe..and I prefer shut up and walk away while you treat me with those know I love you as well as when you in mummy tummy....since our childhood Im the one take care of you..and now you u/stood why no more meeting, no more dinner, no more talk shit, no more argue..because im giving up being ignored by my lovely always to be forgive by me..because you crying and bring your tears out and it's upset me..why we fighting now..?? Im not a crybaby ..but everytime your tears also bring out mine..hope you u/stand and learning about friendship..there's can't be selfish and moody!! be a good girl ok?


Anonymous said...

Human feeling is very complicate for everyone to understand, I know what yr expression but only u can help yourself. The one from far away can be a good listener when u need.Although the one like to stand behind yr back with mental supports but u need yr own space or feel some pressure on it.Sorry bee,I realy not like u live with pressure on myself and I perfer to say take care and I will be with u in the air.

@bee said...

Yo..I worries,there's just a lesson as me and my sister have to learn,pratice and there's also examination session and we were crying and laughing together and the ship
too sweet to be destroy..neither me nor my sister willing to screw up our ship and thereafter our feeling stronger than
before..we are on growing so glad having you there...cheers!