Wednesday, April 06, 2005

she's abused my back!

blaa..blaa..I was on my task went to immigration tower in wan chai..blaa.
bla..get on the tram and crushed my self with other's look like an can of sardines with tomatoes sauce!!yummy's will be taste nice more if add some chili..wuuihh!! I love sour and spicy foods..opps!!something stucked on my's feel soo..soft..uuhmm, it must be a bra!! "Oh yes! I just tried to turn my head and I saw a middle aged lady press her boobs on my back..opss!!well,she had a quite boobs but I can't felt her nipple anyways LOL!coz she's wearing a quite thick bra..oopps!whatever she doing and whatever I felt, I just felt like been abused...I think she doesn't mind about her manner..uuhm may be the thickness of the bra so she can't feel anything? coz I saw she keeping abused other passengers during the route..I saw she bumped her bra with her boobs inside into every one back in the tram.!!..WTF? though she deserve with punishment such like a man who has abusing case!! how bout give her gruffly spanking ? it's that a fairness ?

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