Saturday, April 09, 2005

to my dear

dear honey,I still remember all the words you told me honey!! and I still hanging on here..all our past!! have you ever you pity me? Im soo tired..though I can hold for longer any..where did you lost your heart honey? why take a long time to get it back to me? there's only one I wanted is you!! it's sad but true..
don't you want me standing next to you? snuggle beside you?! I wish..I wish..I wish you hear...I wish those memories could be strength my mind and keep my feet to standing up here until you find your heart and bring back to our ship..
you know me...Im just a pink


Anonymous said...

Trying to understand in love as the kindest law.It likes fell into this quicksand brought u down here so low.What happens next? Who issued the instruction for this mad act of destruction? Love can make people sad , can make people fresh!

@bee said...

yeah..just like the song "lovefool" you felt like in heaven once your lover said "love you and need you...and you drop in the hell when your lover ignored your affection...that's what Iam
now...Im in the hell..currently