Thursday, May 26, 2005


28 years old now..lovely bee become a old lady by now..hhiihh...i can't imagine phantasy was go too far...huh..wanna feel how the 28 years feel like? everyones who been in 28 can tell what does it feel..for me be 28 it's wasn't bad..except the wrinkle wrinkle on my face and somewhere else...the matter is the virginity's much hard for me to u/stand and must be hardly for you to believe sad but ever ones out there want to be a 28 years old and still ones out there wanted..and I just get it ask me how do I feel the 28 ?? it's feel like being a virgin again lor...hihiiiiihiii..oppsss...yuppiee..above topic..Yau Dee Yeah..inside!!..failure?uh-huh..tried to offer it out last I was wash up and the next..the next day..another day..perhaps it's could be a extraordinary there anyway to feel like the 27 again?

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