Friday, May 27, 2005

getting serious

well..28 years old's a serious age..felt getting old huh! though I have to get more serious by now..but took something serious was never been at the top of my list of favorite things..Im much prefer light hearted conversation and casual things.. guess no ones dare to took me as seriously not even my mum and dad, not even myself..there are the guys used to know me said about me " hey ivy, she's interests are always pretty diverse but.she's a xyz@###!!.."aiyoo.@!! there a very big issue for me to gets them off and put their ass down in my mind..though Im gonna set them shock if Im tell them that Im serious this time...oh godness!! man Sometimes you don't know until you try so ^o^ stop worrying so much and try to take me seriously by's more easy right?

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