Sunday, May 29, 2005


" with a pretty boy Steven!! Steve on his 10 now, though he quite enjoy this and sister and steve just browse around in yuen long and end up for some dinner in..KFC..he's the one buy the dinner for us the two lovely cute ladies..{ me and sister running out for dollar after brough a greeting card and present for this cute guy }.........we're just chat about his new girfriend..hahhahaaa...Steve just a shy guy!! his cheeck turn red when we talk about the little baby gonna be a boy now...i just remind him " don't browse around the porn site..opps..and don't let anyone touch his body part..hahahaa..he just nodded and replied " yes mum, yes mum!! i got you mum..oke mum, no worries mum..huh-huh!! me and sister kicked his ass back to his dad and show me his new computer that he got from his nana..I just talk some shit with his dad...and brough some chicken ass for his dad dinner..we just said happy birthday to our son then!!!p.s= he also wanted said thank's to uncle victor for the great present..thank's man!!

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