Monday, May 30, 2005

My Pretty Boy

23rd of May 1977 thank's to god to create me as a lovely baby girl..and gave me much of love and affection from mum,dad and my bro and sis's..and many many love and attention from other peoples..23rd of May 1995 thank's to god that Im still alive, had my brithday cake and greeting and dinner as hospital Im on eighteen..30th of May 1995 at god..much of thank's to sent to me a lovely baby boy..and today 30th of May 2005..I'll would like to said thank's to You again..that my lovely baby boy was grow up as a pretty guy now^o^ he doesn't look like a baby boy guy have a very good looking so am temper..I wish to love you more and more and hope you could be a charming guy on your words.the word that a charming guy have to remember is don't break those sweet peas yah!! yuupiee..happy bday my dear!!

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