Thursday, June 16, 2005


Whoaa.. big issue.. many housemaids has ran away from their job and bouncing back to other country and their object is Taiwan” ha it’s a very big issue and spinning around the employment agency in HK, huh, the situations seemed a bit out of control.. honesty some of the girls has treated bad by their masters.. well it’s good to know that those humans freak themselves out with the household chores so..? Although some of the girls also very bad and pissed back the master until off. Aha.. today issue recall about my own experience.. runaway, recall to few weeks a go, I went to scary movie with a guy that I know through internet for a year or so and we haven't meet up and just keep in touch by internet.
I took my fancies that the meeting should be pleasing and it's curios to meet someone that you know for ages even though I don’t even know what he look like { he didn’t offer me an photo}
Aha.. he look quite charming so no worries about the look now.. things are going nice and friendly and I though he's cool, so am I -huh.. I tried to keep my cool and be nice ..but wait a minute!! the atmosphere was so hot when he turn his brain out and gonna challenge my libido management..well exactly my anger management..Im gone to offer what he want " stabbed my nails into his hands, palm, finger.. I bet he got well with it on huh!! I felt remind him that he asking me for movie ..a scarry movie and I wanted to enjoy and feel scare into the movie instead those..disturbing!!
"oh are you angry? he speak out!! " I? I speak back.! then he replied " Ok, sorry! he apologised and both of us though there's a happy ending..oh yeah, just in minute..finally " excuse me, gonna have a good pee first..!! Im Sneak out from the taxi ..voola..Im arrived home Im prefer have a good pee in my own toilet and I'd have a very nice shower before bump mybody into bed and get up in the morning ..delete all the missed call..and laugh out on the text msg.." you're really cool, love it babe!! huh..
oh yeah..girls are asking about the movie, the wanted to know is worth to spend some dollar for kinda movie..well..Im not remember about it..I wanted to escape while I felt scared i just runaway and dumped the guy for some girl might interesting........oppss..!!

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