Thursday, June 30, 2005

wanna be desperate honey bee

Yeahh...rainy day again!! getting wet again!! feeling wilds again!! does any aliens out there can give me some great solution to solve the human being feeling about" horny? though the weather turn me on but I didn't see the great job to do to feel there's a life was keep going on since I've tried to get in a live party but Im ending up to been rejected twice this week!! I just let the things go off? or I have to insist more ? be frankly I've lost interesting and now get on my emabrrassed..and quilty, such as Im going to force the guy to the sex!! eeuwh!!
the weather so am I, afterthought there must be a final decision so if the things ain't get better within a week, I've to put attention on the toys! actually I shouldn't lean on those stuffs but it's must be better than waiting the one that i wanted to sucking for ..better gets on the liveliness been feeling into the toys rhythms it must be better than get on the stress to be a desperate horny bee...
so there always the way to irons the things's quite fun afterthought!! then I have to says thank's to my further didllo opsss!! or I may get an latest vibrator..ha ha haa opss..finally I've to put down the new high heels , mango jeans, Britney Speasr "curios"parfume and..dior lipgloss..etc etc..and gets ready to browse to the sextoys shops on coming next week..I wish to take the one that my cat could get friendly with but I do have to dealing to my credit card. not sure if it's still the limit after I bought the Nokia 3230 yesterday!!aha..why don't give that Nokia a try there's a vibrator function too..XXYzx##$** bah!!

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