Tuesday, June 28, 2005

be patient

Today!! I've been personal briefing with my boss, she gonna kick my ass and set it on a top dogs list and want me to swear in the name of $$$ for working in asshole mode ^O^ phhwee it's a wicked commitment ? WTF! I just wanted my paid well so I wouldn't give her a damn..whatever the shit I just want to make enough $$$ to have the bee bar in Bali and get retired on 35 ..wondering there's a small reward for being patiently to the tyrant boss and there a lot tyrants hanging out there..frankly to tells I was changed a lots during 13 yrs stress lives in HK, Im easy to gets angry, moody, and changed to very impatient person.. swearing loudly, shout and snapping it was different of me and for my family it's could be hardly to believe and u/stand if compare and recall when I was a silly tenaagee..it was a long long ages..ago! by the way those behavoir turning my boss heh!!
I've been trained to be a patient person, my mom is a great trainer as well..she though that I was desperate to have a younger sis's or bro's to look after for { i used to be a freelance baby sitter for our neighbours for years. I got my paid with sweets and screw my milk tooths up } therefore mom and dad workout hard to make my dream come true ha!not took a long times when the 1st younger sis was born whe I was on six, Muri is a nice cute baby girl { my parents seem overexcited about it } so when I was on my nine when the 2nd and 3rd sis's born..whooaa the twins ah!! the Twins took the villager suprise { village moms ain't got prenatal check up } uuhh..they got a lot present and wishing during a month or so, the sad story just begun..uh-uh so by that day me and my elder bro have to dealing to look after them, my bro was a sitter for the later one Ani and I was a sitter for Ana the early one, 21 years now todays she was grew up as a copy as pretty like me LOL!, we're about same behavior, bad temper, it's quite fun yet strange to having someone so similiar with you in many ways..then what going on with Ani { the later} does she grew up as a copy of my bro? I just can says: " thank to god!! she doesn't look like him at all..{ try to imagine a girl with amoustache around ..opps!! however she's pretty too..{ but Im the prettiest dad girl lorr..ha ha } she's cute and very nice person { too nice too then she never fight to the bully bastards or squabble to the gossip bitchs } soo..Ana will be the guard, came after with her bad attitude to take revenge to who ever has gets her sister frustrated { she has screwed the classroom tables by move them out and put on the play ground{ she was grade 4 in junior scholl} and etc..etc even the teacher couldn't get the twins down " Oh yeah coz they were sunshine in the class..nah! they're so naughty at home, they're the real destroyers, a monster at home, they used to bully us { the elder bros and elder sister's } and my mom also has a great rules " never beat the younger" otherwise mom gonna screwing you up.. o ohoks! so..? ahh.it's doesn't matter coz my mom will chew them up too..so whenever they came around we { elder} just lay to mom to give them nice lesson..ha hahaaa..I do really missed them very much..it has a long times we haven't meet each other { almost 4 yrs lah } however I still had Muri to bug my days around in HK!! anyways I'll make my trip out to indonesia frequently.."" well is any guys out there interest to meet me? uhmm ..well beside the badness er.. I could be a nice, sweet, cute and friendly person!! dare eh?

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