Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Adam and His guys!

Hello Adam? how's life going on up there? doing cool eh? hopes my ancestor Eve hasn't give you any trouble. since that apple accident { damn that snake okay? perhaps you understand at that moment Eve just a silly girl and she doesn't has idea to set you trouble ba! however you look damn sexy with the adam's apple= I swear it's true!! }!! I just been so mah fun recently!! if possible to ask you a favour..er a least solution " how to get along with your GUYS? { }
?? looking forward to hear from you la..!! what do you felt when you alone, live apart ..far away from Eve ah? does it felt lonely? or you just gets on so free........I know that you never cheated to Eve, yeah..Eve the only girl you have to date and married ba!! no choice la!! because there's just only one girl in the earth..so if you ain't date Eve, you may date Dinosaurus..in case if Eve ignore you, when you went down by one knee ..are you going to marry the Dinosaurus? err..are you sure that all the babies belong to Eve? or there few are belong to the Dinosaurus?? I haven't talk to Eve yet about the Dinosaurus guys { I don't want she upset} I just wanted to know how to dealing with kinda guys { half Adam and half Dinosaurus }!! how to please kinda guys!

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