Wednesday, July 06, 2005

why do you always thinking and talking about sex?

what the bee up to?!! ..Im on solvings trying to swing the sex bugs off..!!!
Girlfriends: "why do you always thinking and talking about sex?
me: " uhmm.. why? uuhh..well..err!! { I should get an great excuse asap }
Girlfriends: "yeah..yeah..why? jor mud kam hum sap ah?
me: " I thought ..ehm..I felt..ehmm.. er...I used to thought the sexual issue is soo..mysterious and I gets soo..curious about it!! { nodded..nodded}

Girlfriends: ehm, ehm..yes !! { nodded and so nodded}
me: you know that Im a geminian, I was a typical geminian. I take fancies into so many things , spent many hours into reading, writing and althought sex also in my interesting list!!
Girlfriends:..yeah it's pretty nice .{nodded..nodded}
me: the other reason is Im about on doing research for my first bookl!!
Girlfriends: " oh!! really?!! oh my ghost, it's about sex, isn't ? { curios }{}{}
me: yup!! now you understand why I always thinking and talking sex la..!!I was on case study jah mah!! and it wasn't ease situation know la ppls used to thought badness about sexual and many Aliens are used came with their stupid opinions lor! = they thought about the earth girls brain ah, the girls who's talking about sexual must be a open minded person lor, then this open minded girl should be easy to having free sex!! ! then try to imagine what their dicks look like ba! must be glowing in the dark..small and slim, skinny,no fat!! and they also had XL balls ba!
me + Girlfriends: huehueee..hates the ALIEN DICK!!yikess!! Haha .{the situation seem out of control }
me: you see? the book could be a best seller ba!! sexual doesn't harm!! it should be taking on the right period with the right one!~! pick my book then be a picky ba!!
Girlfriends: " YES!! got you na!! all because you gonna writing on your own book!! and you wanna be a famous always mentions about sex topic just because the book right? you ain't going to be a pornography minded eh?
me: yeah..of course should be temporarily, jah mah!! { eh? talking about promise? it wasn't in my to do list booh} honesty Im really mean what I means!!Im just on study jah!!

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