Monday, July 11, 2005

sunburn bee

Yah...summer season lioaw!!uh.. bee bee luv summer! lbee bee luv the beach!! bee bee luv the feeling of summer beach!! !! HOT!! hot=sexy ba! damn hot sexy!!yeah.. and planned to have a bronze sun-tanned skin!!
Im wonder nothing only " sexy Bronze skin" so me and the girls went to beach as often as we can and trying to tanning ourselves as well as we're tired to be a fairy white babes { umbrella, long sleve top and long pant,white cream, white soap..and many white things.I hates them may be need bleach solution lor }
I found more easy and a lot fun to having a dark skin..{just tanning oil and play around beach, swimming }

so and the girls layover to gold coast beach, I was over excited, laying underneath the sun with over thick tanning oil stick on my skin..Im ready on sun-bath..after couple minutes { don't know how many minutes} jump into the sea..swimmimg, took picture then took tanning oil again then ready on sun-bathing again!!..again and again ..finally I get redness wasn't I wanted, it ain't a sun-tanned oh man! yeah, I had burn myself !! and now Im look like a crab..a completely cocked crab!! so yesterday..and now just a crazy monday!!after the crazy party, after, after the crazy hung over, then the crazy sun-bathed, after the crazy bee now Im ready to be a crazy worker bee ....
Yoo..good morning monday again!! gets my sunburn ass in the office again la!! guuung..ggunnggg!!
P.S = does my bums bums ass still look cute?'s still look damn cute and still stick on!! NO WORRIES Ba!!

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