Saturday, July 16, 2005

deadly night

the friday of 8th night, I was out with mates and had a good job of drinking the bar dry , dancing for hours on my high heels to my die...gets weird sense out on the new gurls that I had kissed and hugs.. being a scary bee!! the gurls lips feels absolutely nothing, it wasn't I wanted ba !! actually I gets frustrated when the guy that I wanted sent me an text and said he's dead after the work and couldn't assist me!! for the sake of my ego and mood, I got to rang him up for the dealing no matter the situation and my condition and 2am or so..I'd messed up into the cab then endup in to his toilet floor slept for hours with the dried vomit over my face, hair and shoulder..after the times I had woke up then tried my best to get to the shower box { a with glass door to wash those disgusting stuffs off........yikes!!so after the very slow motion and repeatdly vomiting , finally i'd done my shampoo, showering, brushing teeth ! huh..i did clean the shower box {where my dinner are spread over and clogged in to drainage ditch} I thought Im ready to hit the bed, although the main toilet room still look like a sewage!! I just reach my hand to pull the door then push,pull,push and Im too exhausted to make noise on the door, let my self locked in the shower box, sat on the floor and mumble for a help { no breathe to shout} I damn my mates who has orders me long island { more than 5 galss thought less than 7 glass ba!} keep mumble, still hope miracle happen!! after the times and I knew there's no hopes to get the help so I decided to laying down and sleep, huh I didn't reliase how long asleep,yeah.. gets my strength back as soon as I hit the door and pull myself off from that hellhole..F**K!! I have no dares to close it again when I urge to repeat the shower again ..stare at the dried vomit on the toilet floor once again before slam the door closed ..I left it for somebody suprise :"p ...he said saw where and what I had dinner last night!! yes!! it's easy to tell by have a look in to the toilet floor......a very long noddle hasn't chew properly lor!! ewwhh... yikes..!! must be a dreadful scenery in the morning..peace!
P.S= I felt extremely sorry to heard your toilet has been killing last night...

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