Sunday, July 17, 2005

what when we wanted is more than just sex?

Im on U.K Cosmopolitan magazine edition of July, while I spotted on the letter from a girl who had an relationship issue and I get it so similiar as mine..
she says:
I met this great guy { so am I and it has been a year ago, lost , met him again last april } and we arranged to be shag buddies { neither me nor him has thought about arrangement } , we agreed it wouldn't mean anything { thought neither of us dare to agree to the things* I was no dares to means the things * }, just sex { nodded!it's felt more than just xyz @x@ ME!!nodded}. lately, though, i've developed feelings for him{ honesty I've too, even I tried to ignore and reject}. Im moving away very soon. but I think about him all the times.{before i didn't and I do thought out to leave HK soon since last unhappiness} ..the question always on our heads is "would it be best to break it off now so it won't be too hard to say goodbye?!!
There's a answer from the counseller Aunt Irma..her advice is........{ check out by yourself ba}
I got on my own solutions it was a week before I had my Cosmo on!! that night sent him a text and told my thoughts briefly....Im not a tough babe honesty..I decide it after my freak and I knew I couldn't mess up my lover with my buddieS..and once again I admits Im a selfish person means no sharing ! Im a damn aggresive to be my possessive manner..Im dare to die for protect my..things!! I need sure and secure on my's all the difficulties since ever my life times!!

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