Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bali the Island to die for..

Greeer...extreme bee !! f**king moody bee!!......just last week I was so damn bad mood, it was on the minus level I had since life suck!!! I do had to adjust my brain to stabilize the mood..I can't help to be better than.. does anyone else out there has a similiar mood.. would like to make a friendship with me?? sometimes it's really kill me and the peoples around me once the evil bad mood get on me!! I had treat them and myself badly..however when Im in pretty mood I was the bee who brings so many laugh, happy, smooth the peoples around with my kindness, love and passionate......then I treat myself like a Queen bee..!!
after the very bad week..I do clear my stubborn head trying to please myself and others..I was too picky.!! I such a horrible complainer ..F**ked the peoples that ain't listening my suggestion that I took as a great wisdom...suck!! so by packing myself to Bali the island that I used to fancy since my childhood I hope to set my ass in the meditation somewhere in Bali Island..perhaps find the virgin place to easy get my naked ass bake on the sun lor...
P.S,, I also searching the right place to have my own bar...uuhhmm..I would like to set the bartenders with bikini on..!!!..if you ever fancy to me, impress to my terrible may have a chance to meet me in person in Bali ;)p so..take your opportunity..don't be shy to greeting me, Im such in pretty mood and I have very good looking too....ha ha haaa....I had a sexy lip with my tounge to be a killer bee..OPSS!!!see ya in Nusa dua..{ Im a lovely boobs with the blue bikni on } LOOL!

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