Monday, July 25, 2005

The Escapee Bee

Saa..wa dee kha!!23:45 Denpasar airport, finally I got my ass safely in Bali! I gets overexcited yet felt so exhausted after the crazy flight route{HK-JKT-Bali}it's took me 7 hours,I'd feed myself with the nasty airplane foods,chatted up with the next seat lady but she's a bore egg too.@+@, I planned to have a great flight so I tried to cheers up by played my toes while sipped my gincoke at the same time stucked my eyes on a Company magazine, I'd found many cool tips "how to please my master"! huh,I got the 2nd glass by the time I got my trouble, slopped my drink over my seat,I got my pant wets and my knicker too it's was damn sticky on my butt soo damn uncomfortable f**k!! but I don't care neither thought I was pretty drunk to be care, I had drain the rest before off from the plane..I'd laughing,coughing on many things then choking when the Indonesia immigration staffs spotted on me, they thoughtIm a lovely japanese lady for the next minutes they reliased the fact by the Indonesia passport on my hand and I speak fluent of bahasa so they made a joke by kicking my ass to the office room for...chatting ssshh..althought they're pretty nice,friendly even they have a bewhiskered face and tanned skin.. yaaw..{i begun to nonsense again}
staffs:" where do you going to stay in Bali?
me: " The Westin Resort Sir!
staffs: what are you doing in HK?
me: blaa. #$^%$&........." Im soo..Tired ..sir!!
staffs: " who you stay with in that resort and where would you go by now?
me: " Im stay with a male human sir, and will go to the beach now..flashing to packing myself run over the gate my master...see ya again sir, Im going to buy you a birthday cake soon..byeee..
staffs:..hahaaa..okay girl have a nice holidays in Bali..chherrs!!
I got to my master standing next to a BMW with his driver " pak Made"
master:" why are you so late bee..?" I sent you sms did you got it?
me: how are you master ? how's the holiday?... how are you pak Made?
Bali the island that I was fancied to life and die for since ever.. and I still can't believe that I just standing my feet up on the island.......... the place to pamper your body and soul!! next stop will drop to kuta, ubud and.........bed room

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