Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Im Quit

OK, there's the 2nd day I got my ass in HK, yesterday I called sick because I do really sick on many things again, there's a final decision I set to Quit from kind of thing I've been sick on!! OK, the things ain't smooth than I thought it was picture likes a shame on me, do I have to observations more? I don't think so in case I wearing smilling face while I got packing my stuffs to home and get rid all my documents off from company computer..
John, my colleague get into my room, he's the one I used to disagreed with, he's seem more upset than and try to get me around to smooth the things,there's many things we were argues on works, we're a perfect squabblemates yet a great chruchmates, he'd made a prayer for me as I told him I was on my own depression and going to cope on my own. he'd recalls what I told him few months ago when he was on his and we're did the many disscuss and got right advice.for many matter of fact I just wanted to be myself, Im not stay longer for any obiedience manner so I tells Im going on my rebellious attitude to fight the better of me!! perhaps it's work lah..!!! at noon the girls are heard the resign issue, they call me up for anythings, I guess they want to cheers me up..I got a reminder as " Hey Ivy, dont you think Vodka+sleeping pills could send you to the hellhole? so have you think to try it?!" ..C'mon darling I just felt so good by resign from work doesn't mean to die ba!! sor jor meeh..!! I admits my mood swing to up and down recently and I got nice company to cope my problems so mo mun dai la..I need a new job now so I won't die very soon ba!! i still have plans to go gaa..why don't you guys take notice to my big grin shown on my tanned face ah..Im look more healthy prettier and happier ba!! off to dinner first..sayonara!

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