Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Birthday..Happy day!

"wakey,Wakey..Im jerk out from bed, Gwen texted me to meeting somewhere in central to having fun in our master house ;)p. she'd got her bonus, I got the bills and need to paid for..Gwen is a nice girl in so many way e.g she's cook a lunch for me lor..ha ha!! and she also indenpendent girl also by sue the nasty employer to the court to give thems a good lessons. after the nice lunch I left her to the library, I still curious on the book that I read few days ago, I get ready with the journal note with me, today also my sweet heart friends susan birthday so the girls kicking our ass to have a birthday party, I used to fancied to the birthday cakes!! I got my stomach full of drinks,food, and air { too many talking,laughing}..and a piece of birthday cake lor.. Gee..I put on excessive calories again..

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