Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ooh, you have that Pretty Dick?

"uhm..well.., uhm,, there's a little bit changed on my blog appearance!! I thought, it's look better than ever..and you guys are welcome to drop me some comment,whatever..even a stupid opnions, or even the nasty one, be my quest ba!! well...but really, well..there are some rules:

1."Don't Sell Your Sex Srvice or Bullshit Over on Your Genitals!
but..please, really, really please, I beg your pardon don't make me sick, please try to open your brain and behave like a open-minded person!! I means to the guys who is trying so hard to selling his "DICK"!! er....on my blog, I don't know how to react as polite, thought you want some feedback isn't? and I so hates to tell you, it's ain't one wanting having sex with you Okay? unless you have something to show off, so we need proof, so gets your idea now?!!!

2. The Size and Appearance Matter:
*odourless..please!!!, gets your dick to shower, bathing..scrubbing with bunch of sea salt with peppermint oil.
* make sure you have done the circumcize session ( I hates the shaggy foreskin,,) and please do your balls shaving. ( there's a guy who has a prettiest dick I'd ever sucked,{ you know who you are and I missed him so much}couldn't wait to see you again, Mr.happy guy)
* take the time to measure your member size is it about 14-18cm lengh with 4-5cm wide.
* Knowledge how to give damn fancy Oral Sex , prefered understand about Kamasutra, Tantric Sex! ( you may take times to do reserach as well)
if you about above issues please don't feel hesitate to send me e mail with your resume and please attach the curent picture of you and your dick, should be with the measure tape on, take a whole body shoot, which your dick and face are clear enough to see!!

3. There's Bunch of Sex Toys Out there"
those cool stuff are easly and friendly to use, there no sweat coz many of thems are come with intructions,( I knew man are will not reading intructions but it's should be safe to check the things out before you get it on or into your body) and I want to says thank you to my didllo( it's always a great times) and my vibrator ( brought from latest job, it was a clear blue vibrating egg).there also kind of pussy cat selling's pretty cutes!!

* actually playing around with those toys wasn't my type, but somehow it's pretty help when that pretty dick I fancied about wasn't around, uh-uh..and so manytimes he and his member have to doing trip and it was like to always on a week or so..
*I am definitely felt in love so much with that prettiest dick, completely crazzy I don't need another lame dick ba!! what about others Pussy cat? Nah, I will think about it!!!!