Sunday, August 28, 2005

Could You Guys ever get over that MENTAL ILNESS?

what going on last 18th Agust afternoon?it was a mood swings fact i was happier with my days and planned have a dinner with my best 'susan", I get dress up ready, fucked me!! i felt too pretty to be going dinner with her, I want that guy, so sad he wasn't around so here is I was start to cry and I wanted to die.......also saturday hunting to club with anita babe, i dumped her eventually,,i couldn't get my ass out from rottunjee darling!! they prison me at all, by tie me up for a days, it's all because I had to killed myself by taking over 60 tablets of sleeping tablet..could picturing what the hell so lucky there's such a soul connection with my sis " muri", she run over to my home from her work place..jus because i couldn't pronounce as the phone, she pissed off, me too..i got so messed up,,phoned all the contact the over seas...the exs, the house maids..but they didn't got the idea, coz i couldn't pronounce well..and as far i casualy to drop to doze for minutes before they're end up to hang up the suck!!! ( thi's the answer when Pauline ask me why my mobile bilss run over $800) fucked me..It's so painfull..lost my memories, what i did, and had done, just my sis and susan, nurses told me what the madness and how bad I fough thems..fucked me again I went to completly crazy by fighting to the nurses, doctors, policeman..and finally few of bouncers has made out to kick my ass to off to colapse..then they done tie me up on the bed..cut my lovely panty,fed me valium so my teeth are dark than ever..there's an infuse on my feet which tie on firmly on bed..there's just only ways to put on..since i couldn't reach its, it's different on my hand, it was bruish..i pulled its off babe!! and bursting with the blood out..Yikes!!my bank account on ilness now..I killed itdried this month..oh is any good hearted guy poor me??!! please send me a help ba!!!by the time on my release day, i had my ass to the's shame? yeah..i felt fucking silly by suicide..and I must be fucking regret when i lost my memories on my beloved..what i felt is a little bit of nervous coz the doctor was a handsome guy and i think he like me very much..opsss!! jokes! and lucky me, there are a bunch of friends around me to keep kicking my ass with their love and affection..and bullshit,,love ya!!but don't take Bipolar Disoder as a's seriously can be a cruel murderer..your beloved or even yourself..

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