Monday, August 29, 2005

am I bad enough?

afternoon in causeway bay, I was on my own, waiting the bus heading to yuen long, I was on date with my son Steve to dinner!! I used to dress up pretty nice for my son, always, since ever..Steve prefer a nice and a little bit sexy mommy!! and long curly hair too..
it was a middle east guy walking slowly and passing front of me, he just whisper to me "fuck You!!
it's just like a sting right on my ass, I was like drool and wondering " what the fuck?!! what the fuck went wrong?! I gets so hot on my head..couldn't bite my tounge and's felt like I start to get overexcited..SSrruuuufff........drool..many many saliva..SSLlrruuuuff....!!!! I went so bitchy minded!! be a freak babe!! right now!, I had only gets myself freak in the bed..and be a innocence girl on the streets..? so the appearance was like a good lady to easy to gets pisses for eh?! huh..what the lady manner..Im fake it, and it has a week or so..I didn't felt angry { coz the anti depressetion tablets drive my mood on the great level} so this is the right moment to bursting with bunch of my sassy habbit..
I couldn't resist to point out my middle finger on his eyes ball and spills few drop of my Vita soya bean over on his toes..I was over innoncent stare at his damn toes!! am I bad enough huh?! I had treat myself so bad I have no reason how to behave and what would I react when I gets upset..I felt fucking damn bad when he just pissed off and piss away..yeah!! afterwards..I get on the bus and phoned Steve, tells him Im on my way, remind to get himself ready as well..
althought I'd been on anger management with high dosage medicines to control my behavior, but I couldn't get my head cool..I have to tell my doctor next appoitment about this..probably he have to increase the dosage..and dating me out for dinner for more..since no alcohol aloowed so movie after dinner should be a nice after all..otherwise the therapy seem nowhere to go coz Im still the sassy..sassy!!

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