Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DAMN!!! I was busy like crazy!!!

damn I had to leaving HK soon!!!
damn I felt so damn silly sometimes!! damn!!damn,,goddamn!!!
I just hopes I could bring the things out as soon as I get my ass in Jakarta and underneath my Mommy armpit..ehww!!!
Ha, I wish mommy wouldn't mind to read these lousy entires!!! I love you Mom, even thought I used to blame you when I was down ( thi's goddamn behavior I should ger rid with) !!! but Mom, your armpit wasn't sweaty and smelly at all,,and the good things is there's always clean-shaved armpit you got!!! Haa haaaa...No kidding, we both hates the hairy armpit ( my sister also had their clean-shaved always)
it should an eyes sore things when stare at the blovely girl but had that hairy, sewaty armpit, it feel same with that hairy leg!!!no jokes Im going to puke anytimes about its..
Damn, there soo many stuffs I had to put into the store room..( thanks for the guys) who's willing to make an room for me to keeping those putrid things until I get my ass back in HK again...MUCH OF THANKS aaahhhhhhhh,,,
wweiii..I got to swimming pool by now,, then Ally had promise to buy me a nice dinner!!! oh ghost I ask him bring his " one thousand , for the nice shopping and nice dinner!!!!!!!!!! yowsa!!! I was that LUCKY BAD GIRL!!! and perhaps He would not be that POOR GOOD BOY lah!!! byeee......!!

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