Friday, September 23, 2005

Free Bumble Bee

Yesterday, I got to fought over that stupid owner for the stupid matterhuh~this's what Im look like that momentI could tells one word" Shame on him"! there's no way for him and I making any agreement so I got my ass moved out from the hole that called "FLAT" things!!and I was really fight him badly!! according to my sis and her hubby and the girls, their opinions that they were never ever thought that I could be so that annoying and take the owner as stupid coward !! I just wondering over and over" does it means a praise or..? means the owner just a coward and Iam a tough crazy woman eehhhm..rascal
Eeekk...I have to admit it.. Ha,I prefer describe my manner was a tough rather than that rascal thins !! it's sound more nice and friendly!! thought rascal too rough describe my behavior..I wasnt that rascal at all..
Im so moving on by now...there's a feeling about my pace was all right, it was pretty goddamn right!!!!Uhmm..LaiSang just a peanut..ops hik hik...hiii...chasing the loan back now!! who has owe my money?? don't forget to return with the interested yoooo........wink-wink dee!! sor sor dee!!


Muri said...

: hi "lieng loi" what are tought doing after you get lost
from "lai sang"? you r so brave, justlike mother..
sometimes i pround of you but i felling fear most.
and i hope it's the reason i get a heart attack you

@bee said...

Yoo Sista, Lai Sang Must be like a madman by that time since ever after..and he should kicking my ass if he could reach my ass!!!
Ha ha ha but he just that "silly boy" Luv Ya!!!