Saturday, September 24, 2005

Help..I was pig out

Oh My Ghost,I couldn't believe that mirror thing, is it the .. stranger?"Image hosted by Eek.. it was me!!
I was pig out like just take a week to had that body!! ohh I know all I have to do just working that "pig" out but what can I help if the weather was so bitchy recently..typon, rainy Yoo...all I have to do is stay at my son bedroom and Image hosted by soo.. sucks!!
nowhere to go, all the weekend planning was end up about eating like pig on that goddamn yummier food, drink and playing goddamn video games!! Actualy me and Steve planned to having sun-bathed at coffee beach in Tuen Mun or at very least at swimming pool!!! burn some calorie, both of us was on that goddamn pig look likes, ewhh..we knew, that we have to working pretty hard to get that fab body wasn't hard thing to do as we got so many energy, but that bitchy weather??
am I just about on make that excuse? as I wondering on my own..but goggled at my piggy face really drive my urge to bump my head onto the walls bad Image hosted by

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