Monday, September 12, 2005

hike my ass drop in to that....valley!!

Yoo..what the good day it was!!
went to Tai Po, Kicking at bride pool.............just hiking, jumping, climbing and shooting anything!!!!
I was like a mongkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!, jumping!!! climbing, yelling and naked!!! oh my ghost!!!
post those nasty cheese pics soon!! it's grand!!
i was with that lousy shaggy knicker on!! it's horrible!!
Susan that big belly Crazy Hiker!!!, she was the fever one!! she just adventures fever!!! I bet she gonna climbing his hubby soon!!!
Cindy that snotty Girl..ha!! I just pick her up from that bar!!! orr..........Disco or chruch ia it?! I could remembered by!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she could climb anything expect a men!!
Michelle that skinny like bambboo and white paper and what the golly, she had her hair cut..a very very little lttle bit!!! she will cut anything expect her hair!!

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