Monday, September 12, 2005

does it's a joyfull when ya get ooon thaat bellyful?

afternoon saturday, i woke up and i wondering ' why"!! why afternoon again?! why don't i get up more early, at least before 12 pm lahhhhhhhh!!!..
aiiyo!! last night 'luncheon meat and tuna still stucked into my colon!! you know what it feel like?! it soo" Damn Bellyful" pretty nasty!! last night I thought I coould be the next pork chop of the year!! really scared me like shit!! so I thought my hormone doesn't want to be that nasty names!!
so I could put any food into my stomach, please take note to the word COULDN'T , I would if I could and I surely would ate something if I could!!
I made a mocha coffee, I got from Jon da dog, it was a french mocha coffee..I made it taste like a real coffee!! I do really made it like the real mocha..2 cups coffee and plenty of water..{ too mmuch I dont even remembered how many glass water I drank}
water is important for run our body, and for whatever damn sake we always been told to get its more and more and am I, I also grab 3 portion of fruits as well..u-uh!!
sssaaaaaaaaaaaa...I got trouble to pee and pee more and more...........!!, it's lucky I got that fine tissue to rub my cat, otherwise i couldn't picturing how would she get on bad quallty tissue!!
althought i has my save plans but it wasnt including tissue issues!!!
too much liquid things just trouble on tissue and flushing water after the pee and washing hands more frequectly!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the hand soap and so and so andd on...........
it's wasting so many things!!!!! { what the saving now}
however I got starving as hell and eating like a bitch was after the sunset, aboutt nine after 45, got that oatmeal with that Tuna Fish in vegetable oil..{ I got half can jajmah!!! this time!!!}
I hates to be PORK CHOP so I better be a CAN OF TUNA but i hates the braine so I get on that oil thing lorr...!!
sleeppping tablts.........
PS!! JOYFULL..............and PLayFull!!
Ha!! Jonny Lang sang like bastard recently, he sang to me every each day!!! what the sexy baby he was!!! but I felt a bi sorrt for being sassy..{ I didn't let him take a break from that CD player}!! oh ghost!!

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