Sunday, September 11, 2005

I was on that laundryman

Sucks! I had two bag of cheese dirty stuffs to send to the laundryman, I had thems in the pretty fucking bag and it was Two bags at all!! I hates thems, I hates to goggle those stupid clothes!! even thought they are mine, and i was the one who wore thems to that nasty look and that daamn bad smell!! ewwhh...
it was so nasty I had no money bring them to the laundrymen!!!hand laundry really wasted my times!!
I had locked mysself at the bathroom for thoousand hours, just to rubbing my dirty clit!! ehh my dirty clothes!! I wantedd to wink wink awhile.........I felt so bang bang on the head!!!
ah i do really need that deep long wink-!!!! try to picture on my daay dream and
I shoouldd get an washing machine, if I could I surely would!! or I better hiring a helper to do those chores , if I could I surely would!! eekk...I could get a great job, if I could I surely would!! but tallks about job, couls make my brain dripping out from my little earholes...........and that's really killed me at all!!! it was really nasty minded at all!!!

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