Sunday, September 11, 2005

did you know? Jon and I shitting at the same washroom aah!

Did you know........that? I bet neither of you has ever heard about it!! neither Jon!!
last friday night, I had a nasty dream, it was Jon and I have ourselves at the same washroom. we were sat down on the toilet bowl, it's seem we're just like to make the our shit out together!!
at the beginning I was advice. he better get his shit out in other washroom, I was like " hey do you ever reliazed that your shit stinky than mine? would you mind to get in to another place to shitting and let me breathe the better air?! would you mind?" many manny please laahh...!!! I got kicking right on my tounge!!! he was so snotty and refused my word!!!
and today I was pretty fucking shocking when the girls told me the meaning of kind dream!! it's was sound like Jon and I will losing eaach other..oh what the fucking nasty tale!!!
it's drove me to paranoid minded by that moment and I couldn't completely get that shit minded out off from my small head!!!!!!!!!!!
as I know, as the girl knows, that Jon always made his ass get on plane and flying over there and over there!!
uh-uh-uh..should be that Jon fault, why he have to that stubborn to shitting together that cowardly get to shit alone, or he just lonesome when make the shit, or he just wanted some company while shitting ( as I knew!! he never ever close that washroom door whenever he made on that shitting thing ) ^P { sorry Jon, for telling your habbit but it's ain't a weird and the's pretty normal as am I, I won't shut my washroom door off, when I get pee!!! }
but just make carefully on your flights!!
don't scare me out to crazy!! will you just make a word to this paranoid woman?!!

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