Sunday, September 11, 2005

they left me by feeling like being a "pig

friday afternoon!!! 1pm, Im woke up!!! and still alive, but I found out thaat I was damn missed my mom so much, then I begin to crying like a pig!!!
I fancied about that crying stuff, it's kind of cool!! Im easy to get crying like a pig recently and I felt so fucking good afterall..for ghost sake, it's damn healthy emotion!! as I remembered it was fucking terrible when I feel want to cry but I could even drop my tear out, even just a small drop!!! so noadays, crying was a thanksul things!!
2am and the rain hasn't fall down to nowhere in HK bitchy city!!!! Im still alive and awake, and busy like a cow!supposed the weaather it begin to bad,but supposed I was oon dream land!!
that I heard from radio it should be a big big very least stroom...but nothinng has happened during the say times and the night either!!
3am I could slept even swallow 2 tablets of colapse pills ( very strong vesion sleeping tablet)!!and I wanted to eat!! I wanted to eat like a pig, I was hungry like a begger.........althoought I wasn't starving, remembered I just haad my dinner on nine o'clock, all I had is mixed veggie,beef and oatmeal, I got medium bowls!!!
what's wrong, whaat's wrong now..too many, too many appetite?! too big stomach I thought!!!
all I done front of my frigde is opening one can of tuna and one can of 'luncheon meat" nibble of theems!! those stuff vanishing into my stomach within minutes!!!
they left me by feeling like being a "pig" and I get so terrible by blasted on my own!!!!!!!!!!
finnally I drop in to the bed, with my contact lense on and without brushing my tit!! ehhmm..the teeth

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