Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was so lonely was crazy

Booh..I was really carzy recently, I know that I used to carzy but lately i was completely carzy!! I went off to bed on early morning it was like after seven o'clock and wake up before 12pm!!
do you know? I dont eat at the day time, I just going with plenty of liquid stuffs and it drive me to pee like that crazy and I running out of tissue quickly!! and I was being soo..PIG at night!! stick front of that fridge and ate all the stuffs I could reach!! booo.. so far so bad after the days I had that puffy eyes, nose, lips,, well everything look more bigger than last week!!! I could make it smaller if I could then I would...but I have to save,but the puffiness really killed my ego, I get that eye sore when, glance at the mirror!!! my ghost I should really thinking what the best deal to get off from that sore view!! aything won't cost me too much!!
I mean I dont have that much things to spending!! " oh ghost, there's no paradox, when i went to snotty look!! "Bah, Im going to puke on my own soon or later if still no action by now!!
I couldn't imagine one a day someone or everyone greeting me by " hiya pork chop!! but I could imagine that I should punch that mouth badlly and it would be bleeding so bad, yooo!!
you know that I still jobless and I thought it was pretty cool, but no much money to spend and no more salary date seemed pretty sucks too....!! I just says:Ha!! Ha!! ha!! when the sale session and my wallet just nowhere and nothing to go with, "Ha Ha ha wasnt laughing at all..
do you know i had to saving on anything!! just like the girls asking me to save my breathe, they mean shut up and they're really meant, coz I was talkactive like crazy when we were girls hang out, even when they were phoned me up, i was talking like crazy!! "huh and it's drove them crazy too..but I just so lonely, there's no Mr.Lonely just Ms.Lonely..
did you know?" what Im doing when i didn't slept at night? do you ever want to know?
there's a little bit of playing,fooling and I got so bussy and all and so... on

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