Thursday, September 15, 2005

the sharks and me!!

" yeah....I went to " deep water bay to sunbathing and swimming alone!! I meant there are crowded but I dont know them, I mean no company, just my own!! I'd swim to the float board..and alone!!
I had my right leg bump into the float things !! after hundred times jump into the water and swimming like mermaid, by that time i could hardly believe my nose"" saaa it's smell the fishy thing has happen down there on my leg!! all I just says"Oh my ghost!! that shark are coming to nibble my meat, it was the minute when i realized that bloody stuff tear off my leg to bleed!! it's drive me swimming like crazy!! I could swimming like that the real mermaid,, yooo stare at my bloodstained tail......eehmm..leg!!saa...that shark illusion really killed me!! I hardly to breathe when I get on beach!! my ghost, I was watching my back while swimming on my madness!!! but I just dont want that shark stab me by that shape teeth!! it's definetely scared me off and get my ass to take bath and go to here....internet!!

I still want this spooky live!!! stay safe and alive and breathe!! that's all I wanted and i could do right this moment!! surely and no kidding at all, girls talking about my carrer,moving to jakarta the likes, but I just surely tune them out or press that mute button!! or being deafmute when they brings that carrer issues!!
I dont mean crashing on that carrer things but I just want take a rest awhile, there's no pace I want to go with!! I just want live and breathe!!
I thought I didint really breathe well during 13 years fucking in carrer or job things and i still got nothing, WTF then!!! I just want to live...and I dont mind to be a deafmute at temporally!! and it's doenst seem that bad at all, honesty to tells, I dont mind to be bad, I was so terrible situatuions when I was a good girl..and all, it's was!! some peoples are so paranoid behavior booh, They are about that horrible hobbies booh, putting the good girl down!!hu-uh, I wasnt kidding you!! it was fucking truth, , those bullies will think twice to give me that bully thing, coz Im soo bad and it's seem work to put them off!!
Im going on wildness,craziness, badness,, Im feel free being that sassy stuff
sooryyy....gals!!!I was being that damn stubborn pussy when you are gals brings up that job things !!!! also thank's to buy me, coffee,dinner and all..

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