Friday, September 16, 2005

Let's have a pinch of that "MARIJUANA"

"Ho hooo.........Marijuana is great deal to prevent heart attacks!!!" you guys must be goggling your eyes ball out ya!! but it's really goddamn truth issue!! I got this great news by the men magazine!!! { oops!! beside reading women stuffs I also get very curious on men magazine, those hunks killed my phantasy boohhoos!! those guys had that goddamn body, hottie!!}
Ho let's kept some of thems { the marijuana}few pots at home ba!! its could be helpful to prevent die bye bye!! yeeaahh..........don't be shame or feel harm by now!! go and tells your dad, its helpful and explain to your mom its really helpful!!! don't let thems rolling their eyes anyway!! you should tell thems that it's must taking by low dosage!!
the immportant is the active ingredient not the marijuana, the guys { who's reseach on this things } has pumped the "MICE" with the marijuana stuff for 11 weeks!! I dont forget to tells there's bunch of " MICKEY MOUSE!!!
but it always cool to addicted on something..just on my case I was addicted on alcohol and medicines{ any kind}since I was a baby girl, I got many many medicine from my dad store"" Ho hoo...I also took hundred box match..into my stomach, yeaah..I got addicted on anything at my dad store!! hence I get so hot temper, explode stuff!!

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